My garden birds

This year I finally got a garden of my own. The previous owner stocked the garden with a variety of shrubs and flowers and fed the birds year round. Here I’d like to record the birds I’ve seen in the garden so far, and I’ll update as and when new charaters arrive. I keep my Collins guide to birds of Europe and Great Britain handy on the kitchen windowsill so that if I see one I’m unsure about I can check up quickly.

House sparrows, at least six, probably more nesting is a tangled mess of honeysuckle, possibly jasmine and broken trellis.
Pair of blackbirds, I think these are nesting in the ivy around an old oak at the bottom of the garden.
2 pairs of blue tits, one pair have been around since we moved in during February, but another pair that are a lot smaller are around now too. Maybe last years chicks?
Great tits, only turned up recently
Mistle thrush, occasional visitor
Starlings, occasional visitor
Pigeons, tend to roost on the house roves around the garden, or on the oak tree.
Crows, not actually seen in the garden itself, but two or more nearly always visible on nearby roves.
Garden warbler pair, seen most days so either settling in our garden or a neighbours. First seen in March, despite bird guide telling me they shouldn’t be in the country till Mid-April.
Chaffinch, occasional visitor
Sparrowhawk, seen once – had a good go at the sparrows but came away with empty claws.
Wren, occasional visitor

It has been great to see such a variety of birds, and while they are not uncommon species – all hedgerow species are suffering across the UK and I’m glad that my garden continues to be a haven for them!


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  1. I just got a garden of my own as well and have been seeing all sorts of fun feathered friends. While I was eating in my backyard just the other day a pair of little screech owls soared in and sat in a tree watching us dine!

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