Grow your own

Tomato seedlings

One of the options for a conservation concious person is to grow your own food. Why? For various reasons including drastically cutting food miles, avoiding pesticides and fertilisers that negatively impact native species and are energy hungry to produce and to increase the range of plant species in the garden for native species to take advantage of.

Now this year I finally have a garden – so while I’m excited about the possibilities I also doubt my ability to successfully grow any food at all. After all, I can’t even keep windowsill pots of herbs alive. However, my partner and I have decided to try. We purchased runner bean, spring onion and sweetcorn seeds, a young tomato plant and some seed potatoes. We also dried some seeds from the cherry tomatoes we bought for salad. The tomato and sweetcorn seeds, as advised by the Internet, we planted into pots on the window sill to get started – and I have to say how excited we were to see them shooting. Next weekend we will probably plant them in the garden, but the photo is my evidence of success.

I’ll update as and when anything interesting happens, hopefully including any wildlife attracted!


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