Daily Prompt: Wall to Wall

This is my first post inspired by the Daily Prompt, a concept that appealed from the start – though until now I’ve not felt that I could meet the prompt and my theme together (though I’ll admit that even this is a bit tenuous!).

However, this time I can! The walls of the house are still blank at the moment, while they are painted and the rest of the decorating work takes place – but I’m itching to get my pictures and wall ornaments up. The ones I’m most keen to put bacck up? I’ve a lovely weathered metal clock, a photo canvas of my first car – Gertie in black and white (whose temporary caretakers – my partners parents – are threatening to keep!), a picture of the Earth at night, where the outlines of the continents are visible from the city lights (a stunning picture, but also a harsh reminder of the light pollution we generate) and a replica map of my county from the 1600s.

What does this tell you about me? I’ve not sure… but thinking about my favourites made me realise that all of them are set outdoors (or in the case of the clock, look like the should be outdoors) or from space. It also made me realise that there is a historical element. I always think of myself as a scientist, but since graduating I’ve become increasingly interested in history. I think its sad that school history put me off to the point that it took 10 years to recover an interest!


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