Kids say the funniest things

I am currently involved in delivering an after-school club that we developed this year to engage local children with the issues surrounding the environment and conservation. An integral part of this project has always been to comprehensively evaluate its impact on our aims and objectives through several techniques. The main method will be to compare pre-programme and post-programme responses to several activities that we carried out in school.

These activities included drawing, mind mapping, voting and a mini-quiz. I’ve just input some of this mini-quiz data from the pre-programme sessions and several of the answers made me laugh out loud, and then think. It was incredible to realise how far their understanding was from reality. I’ve shared a couple of my favourites below, and I will see when I get to input the post-programme data if their understanding has improved!

In response to:
Name 5 animals found in the wild in the UK, note the interesting mixtures of true and false answers by the same child in each case…
“Lion, tiger, snake, hedgehog, badger”
“Snake, tiger, zebra, lizard, wild cat”
“Reindeer, otter, meerkat, lion, rabbit”
“lion, wolf, snake”

What is a habitat? To be fair, most of the children did get this one right, but one did answer “a meateater”

Name three problems facing habitats:
“Poachers, cutting down trees and chickens”
“they get knocked down, not enough wood, water makes everything wet”
“Floods, ice and damp”

How can we help animals?
“Put a lion in dogs trust”
“Kill plants”


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