Hello again and #30DaysWild

lulovelock (https://lulovelock.wordpress.com/) has inspired me to return to this blog, with her amazing photography, particularly linked to #30DaysWild. It has been three years and a few things have changed I’ve married (Amy Norman now), moved house and I’ve gone from being an Education Officer, to Team Leader for Discovery and Learning and now I’m just completing my first year as Lecturer in Biology.

But, some things don’t change and my love of, and interest in nature is as strong as ever! This is why I’ve joined in with #30DaysWild for the second year running and while I posted my activities on Facebook, I felt that this was the ideal place to post a bit of a summary and re-start with a substantial post.

Taking time to observe my surroundings is a really important part of the project for me, it is so easy to rush around without paying attention. Over the month I’ve seen a goldfinch (blur of gold red and black flitting between branches), starling (on a rooftop) and kestrel (peering at the ground from a telephone cable), heard lots of sparrow “chatter” and a wren, spotted crows and magpies, a buzzard, male and female blackbirds, great tit pigeons and house martins all around my home village. One warm night with the window open I had the chance to wake up to the dawn chorus too.

It wasn’t all about the birds though with plenty of plants and invertebrates too, I got an impressive count of 20 slugs on 10m of pavement during my “enjoy the rain” experience one day.

I also embedded wild deeper than observations, TV – Springwatch (amazing), film – Jungle Book (pleasantly surprised to see reference to the plight of the pangolin in there), socialising – outside in lovely sunshine, and embraced the colouring craze with a delicate butterfly design.

I explored the Poetry Soup website and found a lovely dandelion poem: http://www.poetrysoup.com/po…/much_maligned_dandelion_414680

I was not expecting to actually successfully write a poem myself, but the following little couplet rhyme seemed to write itself as I was driving to work on this last day of June:

House martins playing in the sky,
one pigeon soaring way up high.
Kestrel spying from the wire,
sparrows and blackbirds form a choir.
Poppies standing tall among daisy rank and file,
a fitting end to my 30DaysWild.



One comment

  1. Wonderful blog Amy! I have really enjoyed following your 30 Days Wild! =)
    I’m looking forward to more of your blogs! =)

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